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Career Transition

We work together to provide personalized support and individualized materials through all aspects of your job search.  Create your own personal CAREER MAP that reflects your unique life.   Everyone’s career is different and we work with you to help you realize your dreams and your ambitions.  Contact us for a FREE initial career coach consultation.

Maximize your effectiveness by investing in your search.  It’s well known that by maximizing effectiveness in your search, you will shorten the time you are searching and start your new job sooner.  Don’t waste time with ineffective job search strategies.

Private Career Coaching

Seminars & Workshops



CAREER MAPPING.  Career Factors' Career Map will walk you through all aspects of your career transition.  Here's how we will work together:​

KNOW YOURSELF:  Identify interests, preferences and abilities to determine whether they are aligned with the market and with your goals.  We offer a versatile array of assessments tools that give insight and guidance for best-fit career choices.

PRESENT A GREAT RESUME:  Together, we will write a muscular, streamlined resume that reflects you, your accomplishments and strengths, and that gets attention.

WRITE A MARKETING PLAN:  Let’s create an effective job search marketing strategy that targets the best opportunities in today's sophisticated job market. 

TUNE-UP YOUR MARKETING TOOLS:  Write cover letters, social media profiles, executive summary, and other critical presentations.  We’ll develop an effective introduction and answer the question, “What do you do”? Penetrate the hidden job market with targeted contacts and results-driven activity.

MASTER SOCIAL MEDIA:  What’s the latest in on-line job search?  Use LinkedIn as an effective marketing and job search tool.  We’ll explore blogging and other social media tools.

SAVVY NETWORKING:  Understand the differences between various networking methods and prepare for each.  Prepare informational interviews that get results.

SUCCESSFUL INTERVIEWS:  Ace that interview - mock interviews and prepare to answer critical interview questions.  We'll help you with professional polish, clarity, and to create an effective dialogue. an

STRONG NEGOTIATING:  Learn techniques and tips that will help you with job offers and savvy negotiation.

MAKE A GREAT START:  We work with you as you enter your new position and help you integrate into your new job.

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