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Stalled? Ask 3 Key questions to recharge your job search

It is typical to begin a job search with tons of energy; using the methods that have worked for past searches. It’s also not unusual for energy to lag after about 6 months if all the usual methods of finding a job have been exhausted and you’ve still not landed. When that happens, ask yourself 3 key questions about your search activities.

Change can be difficult and it may not be easy to change the habits you have developed in your job search, but it will be rewarding. Remember, doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is a definition of insanity. If you are not getting the results you want it is necessary to change. Ask yourself and honestly answer the three key questions to recharge your stalled job search.

What do I need to start doing? stop doing? or keep doing?

What do I need to stop doing? Stop any activity that is not producing results and make room for something new. If applying to dozens of jobs online isn’t getting you the results you want, stop doing it. If spending hours on the internet doesn’t lead to a job and leaves you feeling drained and confused, stop doing it. Some people repeatedly send out a vague, generic resume which isn’t rising to the top. Stop doing that and get some advice on writing a targeted, professional resume that gets noticed. Or, are you in the 99th rewrite of your resume, sweating over every word and never quite getting it perfect enough to present? Stop that. Send out what you have and make adjustments as you go. Examine any non-productive habits you’ve developed and stop. Find alternative activities to recharge and create new thinking.

What do I need to keep doing? What’s working so far? Focus your time and attention on what’s actually working. And by working, do you feel energized, engaged, productive, and intrigued after this activity? Keep doing it.

What do I need to start doing? What have you been meaning to do? Get out more and network with like-minded professionals? Get some career advice from a professional career coach? Have you been putting off making a phone call to a former colleague or boss? Have you been meaning to update your LinkedIn profile and refine your social media brand? If you are out of fresh ideas get some coaching from a trusted advisor or career coach who can give you strategic advice and actions.

Asking these 3 key questions can recharge your stalled job search with new activities and changes that will result in getting back on target. All that’s required is being honest and being willing to change.

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