Testing and Assessment

Chart a New Direction

with Pathfinder Assessment

​Do you want more than just a job?

Are you ready to move your career in a new direction?
Are you still struggling to make sense of your career?
Have you ever wished someone would just tell you what you’d be good at?

The Pathfinders Program is rated among the best in the world by career coaching professionals. 

>>  Aptitude Diagnostic

>>  Test Interpretation

>>  Career Mapping

Career Factors offers the Pathfinder aptitude assessment.  The Pathfinder Program is one of the most sophisticated and innovative career path decision programs available worldwide.  Pathfinder will point you in the right career direction.

This professional program combines state-of-the-art career aptitude testing tools with expert career coaching advice to create your natural talent profile—a customized career map to your future.  It uses a professional battery of unique, scientifically developed career aptitude assessments to reveal a comprehensive profile of your natural abilities, inborn talents and personality traits.  Whether you are just starting out to find your career path, making a career change, or hoping to fine-tune your existing career, understanding your inborn talents is the bedrock of making good career choices. ​

How is Pathways different?   The program measures the gifts and aptitudes that you were born with.  Unlike skills and interests, which come and go, your natural talents are largely hard-wired and will remain with you, unchanging, for a lifetime.

What makes the Pathfinders program different is the versatility and depth of the results and interpretation. With our skillful personal interpretation, this rich array of insight and discussion will reveal your personal strengths and aptitudes so you can intentionally build a career that is uniquely you!

This is how it works:


         Step 1: You take the career aptitude assessment and send it, in a self-addressed and stamped envelope, to be scored. 

​        Step 2: We conduct your customized talent profile interpretation session. Your consultation session can be conducted in person, by phone,

         or , by Skype. During your 2-hour, one-on-one results interpretation session, you discover your strongest inborn talents and have a personal

         in-depth conversation about your unique combination of aptitudes, personality and interests.  Follow-up consultation is available. 

Pathways will reveal your career path choices that take advantage of your natural abilities and personality traits.

Contact us to learn more and understand whether Pathfinders is right for you.

Marsha Warner is a Licensed Provider of the Pathfinder assessment