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Career Factors


You can love what you do every day

Have you reached a point in your career life when it is time to make some decisions about the future?  Whether you are contemplating a mid-career change, in an active job search, or at the beginning of your work life, it is extremely important to make the best possible choices.

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create an intentional career

We work with people to design a career that brings reward, meaning and delight to their life. Our clients range from college students to mid-level and senior level executives. Comprehensive assessments and tests help our clients identify careers that fit their natural gifts.  With that informa​tion, we work together to create a career map that charts a clear course to success.  We work with clients to craft custom-written resumes and marketing pieces that get results with power and focus.       


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You spend more time working than doing anything else.  Making the best possible career choice has an enormous impact on the overall quality of your life.  People who are engaged in satisfying, challenging careers that match their talents, personalities and goals achieve a higher degree of success than people who are indifferent about what they do. Choosing your career is a demanding endeavor.  It is one of the most important decisions you will make.

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Your Greatest Self.




Our services are:

practical -  results based ​

personal - drawn from your goals

authentic - genuine to you and your life

effective -  purposeful and targeted ​


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